EASA Flight examiner

Any class ratinginstrument ratingtype rating or instructor´s certificate is limited by its validity. Re-validation of ratings and certificates can be done only by authorized EASA flight examiner. The re-validation is usually done by the EASA proficiency check flights or the EASA assesment of competence.

We provide full support in order to decrease the administrative procedures load for our clients. The partnership with a professional flight school gives you the possibility to re-new your expired class rating or to undertake familiarization trainingdifferences training or the recurrent flight training proior the exam checkride itself. Our goal is simple - we want to keep you flying

ICAO English

Besides the flight checks we also closely cooperate with the Language assessment body (LAB/TSP) in order to provide you the aviation ICAO English exams (ICAO English). All of the ICAO aviation english (ICAO English) are provided in accordance with the ICAO and Regulation (EC) 1178/2011 requirements.

Senior examiner

In order to provide the full services, the members of our team are also an Senior examiners providing the flight examiner trainings and assessment of competence for examiners

Reason why...

  • EASA approved
  • Senior examiner in our staff
  • partnership with professional EASA flight school (ATO)
  • flexibility of the services
  • ICAO English aviation exam
  • re-current training before examination
  • differences training and familiarization training to the new variants
  • skilled and experienced personnel (incl. Senior examiners)
  • flight training and proficiency check from Bratislava (LZIB/BTS) and Brno (LKTB/BRQ)
  • paperwork and administrative procedues done by us
  • the best prices