Milan Mazanovský 

Milan is experienced aviation enthusiast. He was working as an Head of training and Chief flight instructor of the flight school - Approved training organization within the various flight schools in the region. He was supervising and estabilishment of the various flight schools (Approved training organization) in Slovak republic. In 2012, as he was 26 years old he became a youngest flight examiner ever. 

Aviation examiner with following scope:

  • FE(A) for skill tests of  LAPL(A), PPL(A) and CPL(A)
  • CRE(A) for SEP(land)TMG a MEP(land)
  • IRE(A) for SEP(land)/IR a MEP(land)/IR
  • FIE(A) for CRI(A)/ME(SPA) a CRI(A)/SE(SPA)
  • FIE(A) for FI(A), FIC, IRI(A) and TRI(A) on C525 series
  • TRE(A) for Cessna C525 Citation series


  • flying since his 15
  • alumni of the University of Žilina in the field of Professional pilot and Aviation transport
  • worked as freelance flight instructor for local aviation schools in Dubnica nad Váhom, Žilina and Piešťany
  • worked for a flight school in Trenčín as a pilot, flight instructor and flight operations manager
  • in 2011 he was responsible for estabilishment of the first flight school in Bratislava - Opera Jet (FTO-SK/03)
  • for next 2 years responsible for daily management of the flight school Opera jet (FTO-SK/03) as a Head of training and Chief flight instructor
  • flyes the Cessna C525 Citation series (CJ, CJ1, CJ2, CJ3) and Boeing B737
  • flight instructor - FI(A) qualified to provide the flight trainings of LAPL(A),PPL(A), CPL(A), SEP(land), TMG, MEP(land), IR(A), EIR, FI(A), IRI(A), CRI(A)
  • type rating instructorTRI(A) qualified to provide the flight training for Cessna C525 Citation either on the airplane and flight simulator
  • CRM instructor for the Crew Resource Management trainings according to regulation EC 965/2012.