EASA Flight school vs. Flight examination

Flight School - approved training organization - ATO is an aviation school approved in accordance with Part-ORA. Flight examinations are closely related to the operation of the EASA light school - approved training organization -  ATO.

In some cases - especially in case of expired ratings or expired instructor´s certificate there is required additional flight training, or additional theoretical knowledge instruction, which shall be provided by the EASA flight school - ATO, only.

EASA Flight school

EASA Flight School in Bratislava, the capital of Slovak Republic and in Brno is our partnership aviation school for providing required EASA approved flight training. In case, if your aviation ratings are expired we have to cooperate the renewal process with the professional flight school. In our case, we are in the partnership with the flight school Bratislava (LZIB /BTS). Flight school is certify to provide the flight trainings for the initial obtaining or renewal of expired aviation ratings and instructor´s certificates.

EASA flight School is located in the capital of the Slovak republic, at the Bratislava international airport - M.R. Štefánik (LZIB / BTS), which is also the homebase airport for all of the proficiency checksassessment of competence and skill tests.

The flight school in Bratislava and is led by experts from different fields of aviation industry. Based on the qualifications of the personnel and flight instructors. The Bratislava flight school is authorized to provide a wide range of flight training. The range of the aviation training courses to form a single engine aeroplanes SEP(land) through multi-engine aeroplanes MEP(land), instrument rating - IR(A) to a commercial pilot training CPL(A) or airline transport pilot  ATPL(A) theory training - EASA Frozen ATPL(A).

EASA approved flight school assists the flight examiner who technically carry out the examination of pilots.