EASA Flight training

Flight training may be provided by the flight school approved by the EASA only. The flight school must hold the ATO - Approved Training Organization certificate issued in accordance with the Part-ORA.

The quality of the flight training varies from flight school to flight school and depends on the quality of the flight school itself. 

For pilot flight training, regardless of the proficiency level of the pilot (leisure pilot or the professional pilot) in the way of the initial obtain of the aviation ratings, or the renewal of the aviation ratings, we strongly recommend the flight training in Bratislava, the capital of Slovak Republic - the flight school.

Flight School - approved training organization - ATO has to assist prior the examination flight especially in the following cases:

Flight training when rating is expired less than 30 days

Flight School - approved training organization - ATO will consider the previous aviation experience of the applicant. It is the responsibility of the flight school whether to assess the additional refresher training or not. If the flight school decide not to request additional refresher flight training based on the pilot's experience, flight school - ATO issue a certificate to the applicant. This certificate allows to the applicant to undertake the proficiency check with the flight examiner.

Flight training when rating is expired more than 30 days

If the aviation rating endorsed in your pilot´s license (such as SEP(land)MEP(land) or TMG) is expired more than 30 days, it is necessary to EASA flight school - ATO prepare a refresher flight training. The duration of the flight training depends on how long is the class ratingtype ratinginstrument rating or the instructor´s certificate expired and what is the previous aviation experience of the applicant. The length of the renewal flight training is in the responsibility of the EASA flight school - ATO.

Flight training provided by the flight instructors of the Bratislava flight school gives a guarantee of quality and consistency. It is because the flight instructors of the Bratislava flight school are the professional pilots who act as a pilots also within the commercial air transport environment.

The experience from the commercial air transport industry and the skills of the flight instructors gives you, as a flight school graduate opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience that would in other circumstances taught themselves to the practice of air transport aircraft.

All of the trainings flights within the flight school are operated directly from the capital of Slovak Republic, Bratislava international airport - the M.R. Stefanik airport (LZIB / BTS). This fact gives to the flight school students much greater flexibility. The Bratislava (LZIB/BTS) airport is open 24/7, it means, the airport is available also during the night or during bad meteorological conditions for the IFR arrivals or departures.

It is possible to start the training flight from Bratislava airport also when there is a sunny day or either the IFR training during bad weather conditions in night. It is only up to you.