Differences training - conversion to the other aircraft

Differences training, or so-called conversion to other aircraft is required by the provision of FCL.710 of the Part-FCL Regulation EC 1178/2011.

In order to extend the privileges to another variant of the aeroplane within the same class rating or type rating, the pilot shall undertake so-called differences or familiarization flight training provided and propose by the flight school - ATO.

The differences training gives you the authorization to act as an pilot in command on the different variant of the aeroplane like you have flown in the past. Your authorization for flying on an airplane within the specific class rating is valid only for the aeroplane variant that you have been tested on (the initial skill test). To act as an pilot in command on the different variants of the aeroplane, you have to pass the differences training to this specific variant.

In this case, the variant of the airplane is sometimes called "a type". It is therefore a different type of aircraft within the class rating endorsement. For example, in case of a class rating for single-engine aeroplanes - SEP(land),the airplane type Diamond DA-20-A1 Katana, is a different variant than the Diamond DA-40TDi Star, but of course within the one and the same class rating.

Another example regarding the multi-piston aeroplanes - MEP(land) for example the Piper PA-34 Seneca is a different variant of the multi engine piston aeroplane, than the Diamond DA-42NG Twin Star, of course still within the same class rating.

If the pilot have not flown within the last two years (24 months) after completing the initial differences training, to maintain the authorization for a specific variant of an airplane he is required to undertake an additional differences flight training or proficiency check with an flight examiner. This requirement does not apply in the case of variants in the class of single engine piston aeroplanes - SEP(land) or tourist motorized gliders - TMG.

Differences training is endorsed and confirmed in the pilot´s logbook.

The partnership flight school located in the capital of Slovak republic, Bratislava international airport provides a professional differences flight training - and familiarization training for the following variants - "types" of the aeroplanes in following classes:

  • single-engine piston aeroplanes SEP(Land) - Diamond DA-20-A1 Katana, Diamond DA-40D Star, Cessna C-152 Cessna C-172 Skyhawk
  • multi-engine piston aeroplanes MEP(land) - Diamond DA-42NG-VI Twin Star, Piper PA-34 Seneca