Refresher seminar ✈️

The instructor refresher training for the revalidation of the FI and IRI certificates should be provided as a seminar by either an ATO, DTO, or competent authority. Seminar is required as one of the revalidation means of instructor certificate as well as mandatory requirement for renewal of instructor certificate - as a part of refresher training.

The refresh seminar runs for at least 2 days (1 day = 6 hours), and attendance from participants will be required for the whole duration of the seminar including breakout groups and workshops. Different aspects, such as inclusion of participants holding certificates in other categories of aircraft, should be considered. Appropriately experienced FIs or IRIs currently involved with flying training and with a practical understanding of the revalidation requirements and current instructional techniques will be included as speakers at refresher seminar.

The content of the FI or IRI refresher seminar will be selected from the following:

  • new or current rules or regulations, with emphasis on knowledge of Part-FCL and operational requirements;
  • teaching and learning;
  • instructional techniques;
  • the role of the instructor;
  • national regulations (as applicable);
  • human factors;
  • flight safety, incident and accident prevention;
  • airmanship;
  • legal aspects and enforcement procedures;
  • navigational skills including new or current radio navigation aids;
  • teaching instrument flying;
  • weather-related topics including methods of distribution;
  • any additional topic selected by the competent authority.
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