EASA flight examiner privileges

The EASA examination flights - the EASA proficiency checks, EASA skill tests and EASA assessments of competence can be done by any by an flight examinator approved and designated by the competent Authority. In our case, the competent authority is the Transport authority of Slovak republic. The examiner holds the examiner´s certificate with the scope of the examiner´s privileges for initial obtain, renewal or revalidation of the class rating, type rating, pilot´s licenses and instructor´s certificates.

All of the EASA flight examiner privileges are defined by the Regulation (EC) 1178/2011, Part FCL, Subpart K.

The exception regarding the EASA flight examiner privileges is prescribed by the paragraph FCL.1005, so the EASA flight examiners are not allowed to conduct the flight examination as follows:

EASA examiner is not allowed to conduct skill testsproficiency checks or assessments of competence of the candidates for the purpose of issuing license, class ratings or certificates of instructor which they provided the flight training  or if they were responsible for recommendation for the skill test.

EASA flight examiner is not allowed to conduct the skill testsproficiency checks or assessments of competence if he has the feeling that his objectivity might be biased.