This text might be interesting for private individual seeking for information about revalidation of his STI(A). You will figure out how to revalidate your synthetic training instructor without attending the assessment of competence.

 ⚠️ What is STI(A) revalidation ✈️

In order to keep the STI(A) certificate valid, holder has to follow the STI(A) revalidation procedure. Revalidation of the Synthetic Training Instructor STI(A) can only be done within the validity period of STI(A) certificate. Once expired, the STI renewal procedure shall be followed. Unlike the other EASA instructor certificates, to keep your STI(A) valid, you dont need to attend any assessment of competence.

Revalidation of the STI(A) ✅ Synthetic Training Instructor in general

Revalidation of the Synthetic Training Instructor - STI(A) is subject of FCL.940.STI(a). That means - to revalidate the isynthetic training instructor - STI(A) certificate, the holder shall during the 12 months immediately preceding the expiry date meet all the following requirements:

  • provide min 3 hours of flight instruction in an FSTD, as part of a complete CPL, IR, PPL or class rating or type rating training course;
  • passed in the FSTD applicable sections of the proficiency check in accordance with Appendix 9 to Part FCL (single-pilot class rating proficiency check).