This service might be interesting for private individual seeking for the freelance IRE(A) examiner for renewal of his EASA en route instrument rating by attending the license proficiency check.

 ⚠️ What is EIR renewal ✈️

EIR proficiency check or En route Instrument rating prof check is the checkride - with an EASA examiner for purpose of re-new the expired Enroute Instrument Rating back to the validity for next 12 months. The EIR proficiency check has to be done in aeroplane only, so simulator is not allowed as a tool for EIR revalidation.

Renewal of the En route Instrument rating ✅ in general

The procedure for EIR Renewal is subject of FCL.825(g)(4). Specifically the proficiency check required for EIR renewal is subject of FCL.825(g)(4)(ii). If an EIR has expired, in order to renew EIR privileges applicants shall:

  • complete EIR refresher training provided by an instructor holding privileges to provide training for the instrument rating IR(A) or en route instrument rating EIR to reach the level of proficiency needed; and
  • complete a en route instrument rating proficiency check with an EASA examiner.

 If the enroute instrument rating has not been revalidated or renewed within 7 years from the last validity date, the holder will also be required to pass again the EIR theoretical knowledge examinations in accordance with FCL.615(b).

For a multi-engine EIR, the proficiency check and the training flight required in point FCL.825(g)(2)(ii) have to be completed in a multi-engine aeroplane. If the pilot also holds a single-engine EIR, this proficiency check shall also achieve renewal of the single-engine EIR. The training flight completed in a multi-engine aeroplane shall also fulfil the training flight requirement for the single engine EIR.

Validity period of the Enroute Instrument rating

In accordance with FCL.825(g)(A), once renewed an en route instrument rating is valid for 1 year (12 months) and can be renewed within the period of 3 months (90 days) immediately preceding expiry date.