Private pilot license - PPL(A) is a document entitling a person to perform function of a flight crew member - pilot on board the aircraft.

In Europe, the private pilot license - PPL(A) is issued in accordance with Regulation 1178/2011 ( 'Part-FCL').

Privileges of the private pilot license - PPL(A) holder are defined by the provisions FCL.205.A. The holder of a private pilot license - PPL(A) may act as a  pilot-in-command during non-commercial flights.  The only exception is the provision of a flight instructor rating (FI (A), CRI (A), IRI (A) or TRI (A)) which the holder of a private pilot license - PPL(A) provided on a commercial basis.

To perform a privileges of a private pilot license - PPL (A) it is necessary that the pilot holds the corresponding class rating or type rating recognized by EASA.

Practical private pilot - PPL(A) flight training  is conducted usually on single engine piston airplane. Applicant is simultaneously train to get the required proficiency on the single-engine piston airplanes - SEP (land) classrating together with private pilot - PPL (A) training.

The practical part of the private pilot flight training - PPL (A) (actual flying) is schematically divided into a minimum of 45 flight hours. The theoretical part of the private pilot flight training - PPL (A) contains at least 100 hours of theoretical instruction.

After completing private pilot - PPL(A) flight training and passing the EASA examination (skill test PPL (A)), performed by an EASA flight examiner, holder of a private pilot license - PPL(A) is allowed to act as pilot in command - PIC on single-engine piston aircraft up to 5700 kg MTOW.

General requirements for the commencing of the private pilot aeroplanes - PPL (A) / SEP (land) flight training

  • The minimum recommended age is 15 years
  • The minimum age for the first solo flight 16 years
  • The minimum age for obtaining a private pilot license - PPL (A) is 17 years
  • before the first solo flight, the applicant must be a holder of a medical certificate class 1 or class 2 issued under Part MED