Milan Mazanovský

Milan has worked for flight schools and airlines attaining the training-related position including the post holding of Head of trainingChief flight instructorCrew training manager and Nominated person crew training. In 2012, he became one of the youngest flight examiner in Europe at the age of 26. He is behind a number of successful aviation projects including flight school Bratislava - Opera Jet and flight school JetAge Bratislava. Currently, he mainly participates on ProfiPilot projects including ICAO English Exams in Aero Language and flight school Bratislava - ProfiPilot Academy. Milan is also holder of an EASA senior flight examiner authorization to all his examiner privileges.

Milan holds the following EASA senior examiner privileges:

  • FE(A) for LAPL(A), PPL(A) and CPL(A)
  • CRE(A) for SEP(land), TMG and MEP(land)
  • IRE(A) for SEP(land)/IR and MEP(land)/IR
  • FIE(A) for CRI(A)/ME(SPA) and CRI(A)/SE(SPA)
  • FIE(A) for IRI(A), FI(A) and TRI(A) for type C525
  • TRE(A) for type C525
  • LPE-S Senior language proficiency examiner
  • SEN - Senior examiner



Personal profile:

  • flying since he was 15
  • graduate of University of Žilina with a bachelor degree from Professional pilot and Master degree from Air transport
  • worked as a flight instructor in several flight schools in Europe
  • worked in flight schhol Trenčín as an flight instructor, pilot, and flight operations manager
  • in 2011, he founded the first flight school in Bratislava for Opera Jet airline (FTO-SK/03)
  • he led Opera Jet flight school for 2 years as a chief flight instructor
  • in 2014, he co-founded JetAge Bratislava flight school (SK.ATO.10), which he left at 2015
  • he works as a Crew training manager in Commercial air transport (AOC holder)
  • as a Airline transport pilot, he flies Cessna C525 Citation (CJ, CJ1, CJ2, CJ3, CJM2 and also CJ4), Boeing B737, and Bombardier CL65
  • Flight instructor FI(A) authorized to provide the flight training towards LAPL(A), PPL(A), CPL(A), SEP(land), TMG, MEP(land), IR(A), FI(A), IRI(A), CRI(A), and TRI(A) training
  • type rating instructor TRI(A) authorized to administer Cessna C525 Citation simulator and plane training
  • CRM instructor for Crew Resource Management training in accordance with the Regulation No 965/2012
  • Chief language examiner and chief language rater in Aero Language