This service might be interesting for a pilot, private operator or aircraft owner interested in revalidation of SEP(Land), SEP(sea) or TMG without flying with an examiner.

 ⚠️ What is revalidation by experience ✈️

Certain single engine class ratings can be revalidated considering previous experience. Most of the pilots are using advantage of administrative revalidation as a primary method how to keep valid their SEP(land)SEP(sea) and TMG.

If you as a pilot have recent experience in flying any of the single-engine aeroplane (no turbine) meeting requirements of FCL.740.A(b)(1)(ii), you are exempted from flying the TMG, SEP(land) and SEP(sea) proficiency check.

EASA Revalidation by experience in general

In accordance with FCL.740.A(b)(1)(ii),  for the revalidation of single-pilot single-engine piston aeroplane class ratings or TMG class ratings, you have to comply with following:

  • within the 12 months preceding the expiry date of the rating, complete 12 hours of flight time in the relevant class, including:
    • 6 hours as PIC,
    • 12 take-offs and 12 landings, and
    • refresher flight training of at least 1 hour of total flight time with a flight instructor (FI) or a class rating instructor (CRI).

You are exempted from the refresher flight training if you have passed any kind of class rating proficiency check or type rating proficiency check, skill test or assessment of competence in any other class or type of aeroplane. In other words - if you have passed any flight with examiner.

Content of refresher flight with instructor

Training flight with instructor required by FCL.740.A(b)(1)(ii) is described further by AMC1 FCL.740.A(b)(1)(ii). Training flight items should be based on the exercise items of the class rating proficiency check, as deemed relevant by the instructor, and depending on the experience of the candidate. The briefing should include a discussion on TEM with special emphasis on decision-making when encountering adverse meteorological conditions or unintentional IMC, as well as on navigation flight capabilities.

Cross-credit of single-engine class ratings

If hold in addition to your SEP(land) class rating also TMG - touring motor-gliders class rating, you can revalidate both class ratings at the same time. By doing revalidation by experience of EASA SEP(land) your TMG class rating can also be revalidated at the same time.

In accordance with  FCL.740.A(b)(2) if you hold both a single-engine piston aeroplane-land class rating and a TMG class rating, they may complete the requirements of revalidation in either class or a combination thereof, and achieve revalidation of both ratings. In other words, this means that if you have both class ratings - SEP(land) and TMG endorsed in your license, it is sufficient to fulfill the revalidation requirements on only one class and the other one will be revalidated at the same time. This however does not apply for the single-engine turbo prop aeroplanes. For revalidation of single-engine turboprop class ratings applicants shall pass a proficiency check on the relevant class in accordance with Appendix 9.

When you hold both a single-engine piston aeroplane-land class rating and a single-engine piston aeroplane-sea class rating, you may complete the requirements of revalidation by experience in either class or a combination thereof, and achieve the fulfilment of these requirements for both class ratings. At least following shall be completed in each class rating:

  • 1 hour of required PIC time and
  • 6 of the required 12 take-offs and landings.

Validity of class rating revalidated by experience

Validity of the EASA single-engine piston and TMG class rating in accordance with FCL.740(a) is 24 months (2 years). The validity ends up by the last day of the month plus 24 months.

✅ Validity example - normal pattern

Class rating  TMG and SEP(land) is valid until 31 JULY 2022 and the revalidation by experience has been done at 25 MAY 2022.

  • New expiry date of TMG and SEP(land): 31 JULY 2024

✅ Validity example - different pattern

Class rating  TMG is valid until 31 JULY 2022, SEP(land) is valid until 31AUG2022 and the revalidation by experience has been successfully passed at 28. April 2022.

  • New expiry date of SEP(land): 31 AUG 2024
  • New expiry date of TMG: 31JUL2024

✅ Validity example - renewal required

Class rating  TMG and SEP(land) is valid until 31 JULY 2022 and you have done your revalidation by experience on 01 AUGUST 2022.

  • Your CAA will most likely reject your application and void the revalidation
  • Reason: Revalidation by experience shall be done within the validity period of class rating