This service might be interesting for an private individual or aircraft owner seeking for the freelance instructor to undertake the familiarization.

⚠️ Familiarization training ✈️

Once obtained, the privileges of particular class rating authorizes the holder to fly on the specific variant on which the skill test with EASA examiner has been successfully passed on. This applies basically for all class ratings - e.g. SEP(land)TMGMEP(land) but also for the EASA typerating.

It is important to mention that transition training is required for all variants and all EASA license holders. That means the familiarization training is mandatory  for PPL(A), CPL(A), ATPL(A) and MPL(A) holders as required by FCL.710 and GM1 FCL.710. For LAPL(A) holders the familiarization training is required by FCL.135(b) and GM1 FCL.135(b). That means nobody is exempted from attending the familiarization training.

The familiarization training shall be conducted either by:

  • an EASA flight school
  • an appropriately qualified instructor.

Familiarization training with instructor does not interfere with restriction of examiner's vested interest. So by attending the familiarization training with Flight Examiner you will get first hand experience from person experienced in doing EASA checkrides and extensive experience on particular variant. You will have opportunity not only to learn something new, but also to learn common mistakes of the pilots. 

We are providing the familiarization training for range of an aircraft variants constituting in SEP(land)TMG and MEP(land) classes:

  • MEP: Diamond DA42 Twin Star (TDi, NG, VI)
  • MEP: Piper PA34 Seneca (II, III, V)
  • MEP: Piper PA44 Seminole
  • MEP: Tecnam P2006T
  • MEP: Cessna 421, 414
  • SEP: Cessna 150, 152, 172, 172RG, 182
  • SEP: Cessna 172S, R, SP (incl Garmin 1000)
  • SEP: Zlin Trener: 126, 226
  • SEP: Zlin 40: 42, 43, 142, 143
  • SEP: Diamond: 20, 40 (TDi, Lycoming)
  • SEP: CSA PS-28 
  • SEP: Piper: PA28, PA28R
  • SEP: Tecnam P2008
  • SEP: HR200 Robin
  • TMG: Let L13SW/SEH

⚠️ Variants requiring Familiarization ✈️

Aircraft within class ratings do not have associated OSD in accordance with Part-21. The ‘EASA type rating and licence endorsement lists — flight crew’ provide categories of class ratings — such as SEP, MEP, SET, etc.— and indicate aircraft which are considered as variants.

Aircraft within the same class rating contained in the same cell in the tables in "EASA type rating and licence endorsement lists — flight crew" require familiarisation when transitioning from one aircraft to another. As an example two different SEP(land) aeroplanes, both with cabin pressurisation require familiarisation. That. means transition from Cessna 172RG to Piper PA28R requires familiarization.

Multi Engine - MEP(land) class rating

Single engine class rating - SEP(land)

Differences training and familiarization training

Unlike differences training, the Familiarisation training requires the acquisition of additional knowledge delivered by either selfstudy, CBT or instructor.

Familiarization endorsement ✅

The familiarization training does not require any logbook endorsement.