EASA class rating flight instructor - CRI(A) certificate renewal

The renewal procedure of the EASA class rating flight instructor - CRI(A) certificate is described in the Regulation (EC) 1178/2011, Part-FCL, paragraph  FCL.940.CRI(c).

The renewal procedure of a an EASA class rating flight instructor - CRI(A) applies if the instructor´s certificate is expired (out of date).

The renewal procedure at for EASA class rating instructor - CRI(A) certificate renewal has to be done by the cooperation with the flight school - ATO (Approved Training Organization), which asses the applicant further training in accordance with the Part-FCL, paragraph FCL.940.CRI(c)(1).

The renewal flight training depends on for how long is the EASA class rating instructor - CRI(A) certificate expired. The more time is it expired, the more renewal flight training will be required by the flight school.

Upon satisfactory completion of the renewal flight training, the is recommended for the flight test - the EASA assessment of competence with the flight instructor examiner - FIE (A).

After passing the flight test with the flight instructor examiner - the EASA assessment of competence the class rating instructor - CRI(A) certificate is renewed for next validity period, which is a further 36 months (3 years).

If the candidate has successfully completed the EASA assessment of competence, the candidate will be endorsed by the certificate of class rating instructor - CRI(A) for class of the aeroplane on which the EASA assessment of competence was carried out:

  • multi-engine (land) aeroplanes - MEP(Land)
  • single-engine (land) aeroplanes - SEP(Land)
  • touring-motorized gliders - TMG

The EASA class rating instructor assessment of competence can be done on the following classes and variants of the aeroplanes:

  • multi-engine (land) aeroplanes - MEP(Land): Diamond DA-42NG-VI Twin Star, C421C Cessna Golden Eagle
  • single-engine (land) aeroplanes - SEP(Land): Diamond DA-40TDi Star, Cessna 172 Skyhawk, Diamond DA-20 Katana
  • touring-motorized gliders - TMG: Let L-13SW Vivat

We are more than happy to help you out with the renewal of your EASA class rating instructor - CRI(A) certificate. Please take a look on the scope of the flight trainings which are provided by our partnership flight school.