This service might be interesting for private individual seeking for the freelance FIE(A) examiner for renewal of his STI(A) by attending supervised training session.

 ⚠️ What is STI(A) renewal ✈️

STI(A)  or Synthetic Training Instructor renewal is a procedure to be followed with intention to re-gain the STI privileges once the certificate is expired. One of the requirements is to attend so-called supervised training session with an EASA examiner - FIE(A). The aim of the supervised training session is to assess the competence of the instructor to provide the training in simulator. Eventough the Part FCL does not specifically require the STI assessment of competence, the supervised simulator session shall include the assessment of the applicant’s competence as described in FCL.920.

Renewal of the STI(A) ✅ in general

Renewal of the synthetic training instructor - STI(A) is subject to FCL.940.STI(b). In order to renew the synthetic training instructor - STI(A) certificate within the period of 12 months immediately preceding the application for the STI renewal, the holder shall:

  • complete a refresher training as an STI(A) at an flight school - ATO;
  • pass in the FSTD on which flight instruction is conducted, the applicable sections of the proficiency check in accordance with Appendix 9for the appropriate class or type of aircraft.
    • For an STI(A) instructing on BITDs only, the proficiency check shall include the exercises appropriate for a skill test for the issue of a PPL(A) only;
  • conduct, in the relevant aircraft category, on a complete CPL, IR, PPL or class or type rating course, at least 3 hours of flight instruction under the supervision of an FI, a CRI, an IRI or a TRI nominated by the ATO for this purpose, including at least 1 hour of flight instruction supervised by a flight instructor examiner - FIE.