Assessment of competence - class rating instructor - CRI (A) - ME, SE

The EASA flight training for issue the class rating instructor - CRI(A) certificate for the class must provide the EASA approved flight school - approved training organization - ATO in accordance with an approved flight training course. The EASA assesment of competence with EASA flight instructor examiner - FIE(A) can be done upon completing the flight training.

The candidate for an issue of class rating instructor - CRI(A) certificate shall demonstrate ability to carry out the procedures maneuvers and general handling of the aeroplane to the EASA flight instructor examiner - FIE(A). The assessment of competence must be done on the same class of the aeroplane (such as SEP(Land), or MEP(Land)) on which the class rating instructor CRI(A) is going to be qualified.

Aeroplane class rating matters

The class rating instructor - CRI(A) certificate will be limited to the specific class of the aeroplane depending on which class of the aeroplane has been provided the flight training and the EASA assessment of competence on. After successfully passed the EASA assessment of competence, the certificate of instructor is limited to the single engine aeroplane - SE (SPA), or multi-engine aeroplane - ME (SPA).

If the candidate has successfully completed the EASA assessment of competence, the candidate will be endorsed by the certificate of class rating instructor - CRI(A) for class of the aeroplane on which the EASA assessment of competence was carried out:

  • multi-engine piston aeroplanes - MEP(Land)
  • single-engine piston aeroplanes - SEP(Land)
  • touring motor-gliders - TMG

Class rating instructor - CRI (A) privileges

The holder of the class rating instructor - CRI(A) certificate can provide the EASA flight training for the purpose of specified in the Regulation (EC) 1178/2011, Part-FCL paragraph FCL.905.CRI:

  • issue, revalidation or renewal of a aeroplane class rating (for example, single-engine aeroplane - SEP(land), multi-engine aeroplane - MEP(land) or touring motor-gliders - TMG) or aeroplane type rating, the single pilot non-complex aeroplane
  • EASA flight training for obtaining the aviation rating for towing the gliders, banners or aerobatic flights provided that a class rating instructor - CRI (A) is the holder of such rating, and that he has demonstrated his proficiency to provide such flight training to the senior EASA flight instructor - FI(A)

Aeroplanes to be used for the assessment of competence

We are approved to conduct the EASA assesment of competence for class rating instructor - CRI(A) for the following classes:

  • multi-engine piston aeroplanes - MEP(Land): Diamond DA-42NG-VI Twin Star, C421C Cessna Golden Eagle
  • single-engine piston aeroplanes - SEP(Land): Diamond DA-40TDi Star, Cessna C-152, PS-28 Cruiser Diamond Katana DA-20A1
  • touring motor-gliders - TMG: Let L-13SW Vivat

Differences training

Class rating instructor - CRI(A) privileges are limited to the class of the aeroplane or the type of aeroplane on which the EASA assesment of competence by the EASA flight inctructor examiner - FIE(A) has been successfully passed on.

Privileges of the class rating instructor - CRI(A) may be extended to other classes or types of the aeroplanes when the candidate (class rating instructor - CRI(A)) in the past 12 months has completed:

  • 15 hours of flight as pilot (PIC) in airplanes to the class or type;
  • a training flight from the right hand seat under the supervision of another class rating instructor - CRI(A) or the flight instructor FI(A), which is qualified for that class or type, and who sits on the seat usually occupied by the pilot in command (PIC)