This service might be interesting for private individual seeking for the freelance FIE(A) examiner for renewal of his IRI(A) by attending the refresher training, refresher seminar and assessment of competence.

 ⚠️ What is IRI(A) renewal ✈️

IRI(A) or IRI assessment of competence is the checkride - with an Flight Instructor Examiner - FIE for purpose of re-gain of expired IRI certificate. The aim of the checkride is to assess the competence of the IRI holder to provide the flight training within his IRI privileges. Renewal of the instrument rating instructor IRI(A) is being done once the IRI certificate is expired. This means expired for even only one 1 day. It is also important to note, there is no initial, revalidation or renewal assessment of competence.

The scope of assessment of competence is allways the same. Only the procedure preceding the assessment of competence is different.

The aim of the checkride is to assess the competence of the IRI holder to provide the flight training towards instrument related ratings such as:

  • instrument rating
  • basic instrument rating
  • enroute instrument rating
  • competency based instrument rating

In accordance with GM1 FCL.905.FI(h)/2) the FSTDs should not be used to pass an assessment of competence on the class or type of aircraft, however it can be used for the purpose of IRI assessment. If done in simulator, than the IRI privileges will be limited to simulator only.

It is also important to mention that the IRI(A) revalidation is applicable only for a license holders with endorsed IRI(A) certificate. For holders of Flight Instructor FI(A) certificate with IRI(A) privileges it is necessary to follow the FI(A) renewal procedure.

Renewal of the IRI(A) ✅ Instrument Rating instructor in general

Renewal of the instrument rating instructor - IRI(A) is subject to FCL.940.IRI which directly refers to FCL.940.FI by saying:

"For revalidation and renewal of an IRI certificate, the holder shall meet the requirements for revalidation and renewal of an FI certificate, in accordance with FCL.940.FI."

That means - to renew the instrument rating instructor - IRI(A) certificate, holder shall:

  •  within a period of 12 months before the application date for the renewal complete instructor refresher training as an Instrument Rating Instructor at an flight school - ATO or at a competent authority  
  • complete an assessment of competence in accordance with FCL.935.

IRI(A) Refresher training ✈️

FCL.940.FI(b) mandates the candidate to attend instructor refresher training before attending assessment of competence with FIE(A). Instructor refresher training should not be confused with Instructor Refresher seminar. When it comes to IRI renewal, the instructor refresher seminar is only one part of instructor refresher training. AMC1 FCL.940.FI specifies further more the Refresher training procedure required for renewal of IRI(A).

If the IRI(A) instructor certificate lapsed, the flight school ATO or competent authority, whichever is appropriate should consider all the requirements for revalidation of IRI(A) certificate as required by AMC1 FCL.940.FI(a) as well as the following, when assessing the refresher training programme. Flight school shall determine on a case-by-case basis the amount of refresher training needed, following an assessment of the candidate taking into account the following factors:

  • the experience of the applicant;
  • the amount of time elapsed since the expiry of the FI certificate; and
  • the technical elements of the IRI training course, as determined by the assessment of the candidate by the ATO or competent authority; and the individual training programme should be based on the content of the IRI training course and focus on the aspects where the applicant showed the greatest needs.

After successful completion of the IRI refresher training the ATO or competent authority should issue the applicant with a training completion certificate or another document specified by the competent authority, which describes the evaluation of the factors listed above and the training received, as well as a statement that the training was successfully completed. The training completion certificate should be presented to the EASA FIE(A) examiner prior to the assessment of competence.

Upon successful completion of the refresher training, as applicable, the ATO should submit the seminar or training completion certificate, or the other document specified by the competent authority, to the competent authority.

Taking into account the factors listed above the ATO or competent authority, as applicable, may also decide that it is sufficient for the candidate to complete a seminar in accordance with point AMC1 FCL.940.FI(a). In such a case, the completion certificate or the other document should contain a related statement with sufficient reasoning.

IRI(A) Refresher seminar ✈️

As a part of the IRI(A) refresher training, the IRI(A) refresher seminar shall be provided to applicant before attending IRI(A) assessment of competence. IRI refresher seminars made available in Member States should have due regard to geographical location, numbers attending, and periodicity throughout the territory of the Member State concerned.

Such IRI(A) seminars should run for at least 2 days (1 day = 6 hours), and attendance from participants will be required for the whole duration of the seminar including breakout groups and workshops. Different aspects, such as inclusion of participants holding certificates in other categories of aircraft, should be considered. Appropriately experienced instructors currently involved with flying training and with a practical understanding of the revalidation requirements and current instructional techniques should be included as speakers at these seminars. The attendance form will be completed and signed by the organiser of the seminar as approved by the competent authority, following attendance and satisfactory participation by the FI. 

Formal sessions should allow time for presentations and related questions. The use of visual aids is recommended, with interactive videos and other teaching aids (where available) for breakout groups and workshops.

The content of the IRI refresher seminar should be selected from the following:

  • new or current rules or regulations, with emphasis on knowledge of Part-FCL and operational requirements;
  • teaching and learning;
  • instructional techniques;
  • the role of the instructor;
  • national regulations (as applicable);
  • human factors;
  • flight safety, incident and accident prevention;
  • airmanship;
  • legal aspects and enforcement procedures;
  • navigational skills including new or current radio navigation aids;
  • teaching instrument flying;
  • weather-related topics including methods of distribution;
  • any additional topic selected by the competent authority.

Validity of IRI certificate 

Each instructor certificate issued in accordance with Part-FCL is valid for 36 months (three years). Revalidation of the  Instrument Rating Instructor - IRI(A) certificate regardless of the revalidation method extends the validity period for next 36 months (3 years). There is no need to wait for 3 months (90 days) period immediately preceeding the expiry date of cetificate. Unlike the class ratings or type ratings, all instructor certificates can be revalidated within 12 months preceeding their validity.