This service might be interesting for private individual seeking for the freelance IRE(A) examiner for revalidation of his EASA en route instrument rating by attending the license proficiency check.

 ⚠️ What is EIR revalidation ✈️

EIR proficiency check or En route Instrument rating prof check is the checkride - with an EASA examiner for purpose of revallidation of Enroute Instrument Rating for next 12 months. An Enroute Instrument Rating, same like the instrument rating shall be revalidated within the 3 months immediately preceding its expiry date by complying with the revalidation criteria described in FCL.825(g). If you choose to fulfill the enroute instrument rating revalidation requirements earlier than 3 months before expiry date, the new validity period of Enroute Instrument Rating shall commence from the date of the EIR proficiency check. The EIR proficiency check has to be done in aeroplane only, so simulator is not allowed as a tool for EIR revalidation.

Revalidation of the En route Instrument rating ✅ in general

Instrument rating revalidation is subject of FCL.825(g)(2)(i).

To revalidate an en route instrument rating you shall pass a EIR proficiency check in an aeroplane within a period of 3 months immediately preceding the expiry date of the rating. in order to revalidate also EIR multi engine, the proficiency check has to be completed in multi-engine aeroplane. However if you hold both - EIR single-engine and EIR multi-engine, one proficiency check on multi-engine aeroplane also covers the revalidation of EIR single engine.

EIR revalidation by experience

In accordance with FCL.825(g)(1)(ii), en route instrument rating can be once in 2 years - means each alternate revalidation done by considering previous experience. In order to revalidate EIR by experience, you have to reach within 12 months preceding the expiry date at least 6 hours as PIC under IFR and a training flight of at least 1 hour with an instructor. 

For a multi-engine EIR revalidation the training flight required in point FCL.825(g)(2)(ii) have to be completed in a multi-engine aeroplane. The training flight completed in a multi-engine aeroplane shall also fulfil the training flight requirement for the single engine EIR.

As required by AMC1 FCL.825(g)(2) the training flight for the revalidation of an EIR should be based on the exercise items of the EIR proficiency check as deemed relevant by the instructor and should depend on the experience of the candidate. The training flight should include a briefing including a discussion on threat and error management with a special emphasis on decision making when encountering adverse meteorological conditions, unintentional Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) and navigation flight capabilities.

In any case, a simulated diversion and instrument approach to an alternate aerodrome in the context of an emergency situation during the en route phase in IFR should be demonstrated by the instructor.

Validity of En route Instrument rating

In accordance with FCL.825(g)(A), the en route instrument rating is valid for 1 year (12 months). If the enroute instrument rating has not been revalidated or renewed within 7 years from the last validity date, the holder will also be required to pass again the EIR theoretical knowledge examinations in accordance with FCL.615(b).

Validity period of the Enroute Instrument rating

✅ Different date of validity for SE and ME EIR

In case of both - single engine EIR and multi engine EIR the license endorsement may also look like this:

  • EIR(A) - SE valid till: 30NOV2022
  • EIR(A) - ME valid till: 31DEC2022

Holder can keep the different expiry dates of validity, or the examiner can make them equal by shortening one of them. E.g. examiner can shorten the ratings and make it equal - e.g.:

  • EIR(A) - SE valid till: 30NOV2022
  • EIR(A) - ME valid till: 30NOV2022

✅ Enroute Instrument rating validity example - normal pattern

En route nstrument rating is valid until 31 JULY 2022 and the EASA EIR prof check has been successfully passed at 25 MAY 2022.

  • New expiry date: 31 JULY 2023
  • Reason: Revalidation done within period 90 days preceding the expiry date

✅ Enroute Instrument rating validity example - shortened pattern

En route Instrument rating is valid until 31 JULY 2022 and the EASA EIR prof check has been successfully passed at 28. April 2022.

  • New expiry date: 30 APRIL 2023
  • Reason: Revalidation done outside (ahead) period 90 days preceding the expiry date

✅ Enroute Instrument rating validity example - renewal required

Enroute instrument rating is valid until 31 JULY 2022 and you have done your EASA EIR prof check 01 AUGUST 2022.

  • Your CAA will most likely reject your application and void the prof check
  • Reason: Instrument rating has expired and you need to attend renewal procedure provided by flight school