CPL is valid permanently

The logic behind all of the EASA flight crew licences is very simple. All pilot licenses issued by EASA are valid permanently unlike the previous JAR-FCL1 and JAR-FCL2 licenses which were administratively valid for 5 years.

The Commercial pilot license describes the privileges of the holder, not the actual means how the privileges can be exercised. That's why the CPL license is valid permanently. The means of exercising the privileges is described by qualifications with expiry dates as follows:

  • class rating - valid 1-2 years
  • type rating - valid 1 year
  • instrument rating - valid 1 year
  • language proficiency
  • instructor's certificate
  • and more

Another document directly limits the validity of your Commercial pilot's license is your Medical certificate. Without valid Medical Certificate Class 1 your CPL license is not valid and you can not exercise its privileges.