Privileges ✅ of the Flight Instructor

The privileges of a Flight Instructor iaw FCL.905.FI are to instruct for the flight training for issue, revalidation and renewal of different kind of licenses and ratings as follows:

  • according FCL.905.FI(a) - flight training for obtain of the private pilot license - PPL(A) and the light airplane pilot license - LAPL(A)
  • according FCL.905.FI(b) - flight training for obtain and renewal SE(SPA) class ratings and type ratings, thus the flight training on the airplanes within class SEP(land) and TMG or single engine type ratings - eg. Zlin Z-137, Pilatus PC-12, etc.
  • according FCL.905.FI(c) flight training for class and type ratings for single-pilot aeroplanes, except for single-pilot high-performance complex aeroplanes, in multi-pilot operations
  • according FCL.905.FI (e) - flight training to obtain of the commercial pilot license - CPL (A) (minimum required flight hours as an instructor - at least 200h)
  • according FCL.905.FI (f) - VFR night flight training (additional examination of the instructor is required)
  • according FCL.905.FI (g) - flight training for the obtain of special ratings for towing gliders, banners and aerobatics training (additional examination is required)
  • according FCL.905.FI (h) - flight training for the obtain and renewal of the instrument rating - IR(A)basic instrument rating - BIR(A)enroute instrument rating - EIR(A) and Competency based Instrument Ratings CB-IR(A) (the requirement for further training and checking withing the scope of IRI(A))
  • according FCL.905.FI(i) - flight training for obtain and renewal ME(SPA) class ratings and type ratings, thus the flight training on the airplanes within class MEP(land) Privileges, training and checking are similar to CRI(A)/ME(SPA)
  • According FCL.905.FI (j) - flight training to obtain and renewal of instructor certificates - flight instructor FI(A), instrument rating instructor IRI(A), class rating instructor CRI, synthetic training instructor STI and Mountain Instructor  (additional examination required after acquiring at least of the 500 flight hours as an instructor)
  • According FCL.905.FI (k) - flight training for the MPL (requires additional training and checking)

The further extension of the privileges of the flight instructor - FI(A) depends on the number of hours flown, hours flown as a flight instructor - FI(A) and additional flight instructor training and checking - instructor assessment of competence.