Assessment of competence - Flight instructor - FI(A)

Flight training in order to obtain the  flight instructor certificate shall be provided by the flight school - ATO in accordance with an approved training course. After completing the flight training, the final skill test is necessary - the assessment of competence  of the  flight instructor FI(A).

The EASA assessment of competence with EASA flight instructor examiner - FIE(A) can be done upon completing the flight training.

The candidate for a issue of flight instructor - FI(A) certificate shall demonstrate ability to carry out the procedures maneuvers and general handling of the aeroplane to the EASA flight instructor examiner - FIE(A). The assessment of competence must be done on the same class of the aeroplane (such as SEP(Land)) on which the flight instructor FI(A) is going to be qualified. As soon as the spin recovery demonstration is required, the airplane shall be certified for spin recovery demonstration.

Restricted privileges

The privileges held by the flight instructor FI(A) shall be limited to provide flight instruction under the supervision of an senior flight instructor FI(A).

The holder of a flight instructor FI(A) certificate is authorized to perform only the following flight training within the scope of his restricted privileges:

  • flight training to obtain - of a private pilot license - PPL(A)
  • flight training to obtain - of a ligh airplanes pilot license - LAPL(A)
  • flight training within the an integrated flight training course of the airplane transport pilot license ATPL(A) up to the level of the private pilot license - PPL(A)
  • flight training to issue the class ratings for a single pilot single-engine airplanes - SEP(land) or TMG
  • flight training to obtain the qualification for VFR night flights (if an instructor holds the qualification for VFR night flights)
  • flight training to obtain the qualification for towing banners and gliders (if an instructor holds the qualification for towing banners and gliders)
  • flight training for aerobatic flying (if an instructor holds the qualification for aerobatics)

Limitation in this case refers to the fact that the flight instructor - FI (A) limited by FCL.910.FI not allow the implementation of the first independent flight and navigational first individual flights, the flight training private pilot airplanes - PPL (A). 

Restrictions in accordance with the FCL.910.FI may be removed based on the recommendation of an senior - supervising flight instructor - FI(A) if the supervised flight instructor FI(A) acting under restricted privileges completed under the supervision of an senior flight instructor FI(A) at least:

  • 100 flight hours of flight training
  • supervised at least 25 solo flights of the students

Upon remove restrictions of the flight instructor FI(A) certificate in accordance with FCL.910.FI a holder of a flight instructor FI (A) certificate will be able to approve the student pilots for their first solo flight and first solo cross-country flight.

Privileges of the flight instructor FI(A) 

Flight instructor FI (A) under the provisions of Part-FCL FCL.905.FI, Regulation 1178/2011 authorized to conduct flight training in order to:

  • according FCL.905.FI(a) - flight training for obtain of the private pilot license - PPL(A) and the light airplane pilot license - LAPL(A)
  • according FCL.905.FI(b) - flight training for obtain and renewal SE(SPA) class ratings and type ratings, thus the flight training on the airplanes within class SEP(land) and TMG or single engine type ratings - eg. Zlin Z-137, Pilatus PC-12, etc.
  • according FCL.905.FI (d) - flight training to obtain of the commercial pilot license - CPL (A) (minimum required flight hours as an instructor - at least 200h)
  • according FCL.905.FI (e) - VFR night flight training (additional examination of the instructor is required)
  • according FCL.905.FI (f) - flight training for the obtain of special ratings for towing gliders, banners and aerobatics training (additional examination is required)
  • according FCL.905.FI (g) - flight training for the obtain and renewal of the instrument rating - IR(A) (the requirement for further training and checking withing the scope of IRI(A))
  • according FCL.905.FI(h) - flight training for obtain and renewal ME(SPA) class ratings and type ratings, thus the flight training on the airplanes within class MEP(land) (the requirement for further training and checking withing the scope of CRI(A)/ME(SPA))
  • According FCL.905.FI (i) - flight training to obtain and renewal of instructor certificates - FI(A), IRI(A) and CRI(A) (additional examination required after acquiring at least of the 500 flight hours as an instructor)
  • According FCL.905.FI (j) - flight training for the MPL (requires additional training and checking)

The further extension of the privileges of the flight instructor - FI(A) depends on the number of hours flown, hours flown as a flight instructor - FI(A) and additional flight instructor training and checking (assessment of competence).

Extension of the flight instructor privileges

Further extension of the privileges of the flight instructor FI(A) in accordance with FCL.905.FI(i) - to provide the flight instructor courses (FI(A), CRI(A), IRI(A)) is subject of further training and examination - assessment of competence.

Some aviation authorities require the completion of a special training course before the instructor assessment of competence which is required by the provisions of FCL.905.FI(i). Mentioned course for candidates for the extension of the privileges of flight instructor FI(A) by FCL.905.FI(s) shall be provided by the flight school - ATO.

One of the prerequisites for the extension of flight instructor FI(A) privileges in accordance with FCL.905.FI(i) is, that flight instructor FI(A) had flown over at least 500 hours of the flight instruction - as a flight instructor.

The extension of the flight instructor FI(A) privileges to provide flight training for IFR flights in accordance with FCL.905.FI (g) is performed as an assessment of competence - a rating instrument rating instructor - IRI (A). To do so, the candidate shall acquired at least 200 flight hours during the IFR flights (out of which 50 hours may be the simulator instrument time).

The extension of the flight instructor FI(A) privileges to provide  flight training for a multi-engine airplanes ME(SPA) (eg. MEP (land))   by FCL.905.FI (h) is performed as an assessment of competence - the class of a rating instructor - CRI (A).

What is an instructor assessment of competence?

Except for the multi-crew cooperation instructor (MCCI), the synthetic training instructor (STI), the mountain rating instructor (MI) and the flight test instructor (FTI), an applicant for an instructor certificate shall pass an assessment of competence in the appropriate aircraft category to demonstrate to an flight instructor examiner - FIE(A) qualified in accordance with Subpart K the ability to instruct a student pilot to the level required for the issue of the relevant license, rating or certificate.

All instructors shall be trained to achieve the following competences:

  • prepare resources, development of the materials
  • create a climate conducive to learning,
  • present knowledge and curriculum,
  • integrate Threat and Error Management (TEM) and crew resource management,
  • manage time to achieve training objectives,
  • facilitate learning,
  • assess trainee performance,
  • monitor and review progress,
  • evaluate training sessions,
  • report outcome

Instructor assessment of competence include:

  • the demonstration of the competencies described in FCL.920, during pre-flight, post-flight and theoretical knowledge instruction;
  • oral theoretical examinations on the ground, pre-flight and post-flight briefings and in-flight demonstrations in the appropriate aircraft class, type or FSTD;
  • exercises adequate to evaluate the instructor’s competencies.

The assessment shall be performed on the same class or type of aircraft or FSTD used for the flight instruction.
(When an assessment of competence is required for revalidation of an instructor certificate, an applicant who fails to achieve a pass in the assessment of competence before the expiry date of an instructor certificate shall not exercise the privileges of that certificate until the assessment of competence has successfully been completed.