This service might be interesting for a private individual looking for the procedure to unfreeze his Frozen ATPL(A) and seeking for the freelance examiner for his ATPL skill test.

 ⚠️ What is ATPL skill test ✈️

License skill test or simply skill test is a checkride with EASA Examiner to obtain the Airline Transport Pilot License or ATPL(A). It serves as verification of theoretical knowledge and checkride in simulator with assessment of specific non-technical skills. Applicants for the issue of an ATPL(A) shall have fulfilled the requirements for the type rating of the multi-pilot aircraft used in the ATPL skill test.

By attending the ATPL skill test. and obtaining the ATPL(A) license you become an airline pilot with privileges to act as a pilot in command on multi pilot aeroplane. That is neccessary step towards becoming a Captain on multi pilot aeroplane.

It is important to mention, that there is a big difference in so-called Frozen ATPL and ATPL(A) flight crew license. While Frozen ATPL(A) is in fact the term used for aviation qualification - commercial pilot license with instrument rating for multi engine aeroplanes, the ATPL(A) is a flight crew license itself requiring the holder to meet specific experience required by Part FCL

Within our privileges, we are delighted to support you in unfreeze your Frozen ATPL towards full EASA ATPL(A) license on following types:

  • Bombardier CL65 (CRJ series) 
  • Boeing 737 300-900

EASA ATPL skill test in general

In accordance with FCL.520.A applicants for an ATPL(A) shall pass a ATPL skill test in accordance with Appendix 9 to Part FCL demonstrate the ability to perform, as PIC of a multi-pilot aeroplane under IFR, the relevant procedures and manoeuvres with the competency appropriate to the privileges granted. The ATPL skill test shall be taken in the aeroplane or an adequately qualified FFS representing the same type.

The ATPL skill test may serve at the same time as a skill test for the issue of the licence and a proficiency check for the revalidation of the type rating for the aircraft used in the ATPL skill test and may be combined with the skill test for the issue of a multi-pilot type rating.

As mentioned, the ATPL skill test is related to the type of an aeroplane. For that reason, the ATPL(A) skill test has to be done by one of the following examiners with privileges for the particular type and variant:

  • Type Rating Examiner or
  • Simulator Flight Examiner

The ATPL skill test shall be performed in a multi-crew environment. Another applicant or another type rated qualified pilot may function as the second pilot. 

ATPL(A) Exam candidate shall operate as PF during all sections of the skill test, except for abnormal and emergency procedures, which may be conducted as PF or PM in accordance with MCC. ATPL(A) Exam candidate shall also demonstrate the ability to act as PM. Applicants may choose either the left-hand or the right-hand seat for the skill test if all items can be executed from the selected seat.

The ATPL(A) skill test should be accomplished under IFR, if the IR rating is included, and as far as possible be accomplished in a simulated commercial air transport environment. An essential element to be checked is the ability to plan and conduct the flight from routine briefing material.

ATPL Exam candidate shall pass all sections of the skill test. Failure in more than five items will require applicants to take the entire ATPL skill test again. Applicants failing 5 or fewer items shall take the failed items again. Failure in any item on the retest, including those items that have been passed on a previous attempt, will require applicants to repeat the entire ATPL skill test again. Section 6 is not part of the ATPL or MPL skill test. If applicants only fail or do not take Section 6, the type rating will be issued without CAT II or CAT III privileges. To extend the type rating privileges to CAT II or CAT III, applicants shall pass the Section 6 on the appropriate type of aircraft.

The ATPL skill test shall be conducted in an FFS, if available. Failure to achieve a pass in all sections of the ATPL skill test in two attempts will require further training. There is no limit to the number of ATPL skill tests that may be attempted.

Pass criteria ✅ ATPL skill test is not a kill test

Conditions for pass of the  ATPL(A) skill test are described in Appendix 9(A) and (B) to Part FCL. 

The following matters shall be specifically checked by the examiner for applicants for the ATPL skill test, irrespective of whether the applicants act as PF or PM:

  • managing crew cooperation;
  • maintaining a general survey of the aircraft operation by appropriate supervision; and
  • setting priorities and making decisions in accordance with safety aspects and relevant rules and regulations appropriate to the operational situation, including emergencies.

The ATPL Exam candidate has to demonstrate the ability to:

  • operate the aeroplane within its limitations;
  • complete all manoeuvres with smoothness and accuracy;
  • exercise good judgement and airmanship;
  • apply aeronautical knowledge;
  • maintain control of the aeroplane at all times in such a manner that the successful outcome of a procedure or manoeuvre is never in doubt;
  • understand and apply crew coordination and incapacitation procedures, if applicable; and
  • communicate effectively with the other crew members, if applicable.

The following limits shall apply, corrected to make allowance for turbulent conditions and the handling qualities and performance of the aeroplane used:

EASA ATPL(A) privileges

In accordance with FCL.505.A and FCL.505 the privileges of the holders of a ATPL(A) are to:

  • exercise all the privileges of the holder of an LAPL, a PPL and a CPL;
  • act as PIC of aircraft engaged in commercial air transport.