Aeroplanes used for the EASA aviation examinations

For the purpose of the EASA aviation exams (proficiency checks, skill tests and assessments of competence) we are using only the EASA approved aeroplanes. The aeroplanes, which holds the EASA TCDS - Type Certificate Data Sheet. We prefer to use a unified fleet of airplane of the Diamond Aircraft Industries. Of course, the aviation examination can be done on any variant of the aeroplane depending on the qualifications of the flight examiner.

  • aviation examination on class rating MEP(land): on variant of the multi-engine piston aeroplane Diamond DA-42Twin Star, Piper PA-44 Seminole, Piper PA-34 Seneca
  • aviation examination on class rating SEP (land): on variants of the single-engine piston aeroplanes Diamond DA-20-A1 Katana, Diamond DA-40TDi Star, Cessna C-172, Cessna C-172SP, Cessna C-152.
  • aviation examination on class rating TMG: on variant of the touring-motorized glider: Let L-13SW Vivat
  • aviation examination on type Cessna C525 Citation: on variant of the Cessna C525 Citation airplane, or the EASA approved FSTD in class FFS (Full flight simulator) located in the Vienna area