Instructor for 36 months

Iaw GM1 FCL.900 Nine instructor categories are recognised by Part FCL. All of them are in accordance with FCL.940 with the exception of the MI, and without prejudice to FCL.900(b)(1) and FCL.915 (e)(2),  valid for a period of 3 years. valid for 36 months (3 years):

  • FI certificate: aeroplane (FI(A)), helicopter (FI(H)), airship (FI(As)), sailplane (FI(S)) and balloon (FI(B));
  • TRI certificate: aeroplane (TRI(A)), helicopter (TRI(H)), powered-lift aircraft (TRI(PL));
  • CRI certificate: aeroplane (CRI(A));
  • IRI certificate: aeroplane (IRI(A)), helicopter (IRI(H)) and airship (IRI(As));
  • SFI certificate: aeroplane (SFI(A)), helicopter (SFI(H)) and poweredlift aircraft (SFI(PL));
  • MCCI certificate: aeroplanes (MCCI(A)), helicopters (MCCI(H)), powered-lift aircraft(MCCI(PL)) and airships (MCCI(As));
  • STI certificate: aeroplane (STI(A)) and helicopter (STI(H));
  • MI certificate: (MI);
  • FTI certificate: (FTI).

For categories (1) to (4) and for (8) and (9) the applicant needs to hold a pilot licence. For categories (5) to (7) no licence is needed, only an instructor certificate. A person may hold more than one instructor certificate.