PPL skill test is around 90 minutes long

There is no minimum duration of the PPL skill test required by hard law nor recommended by soft law. The navigation section of the skill test should have a duration that allows the pilot to demonstrate his/her ability to complete a route with at least three identified waypoints and may, as agreed between the applicant and Flight Examiner, be flown as a separate part of skill test. Usually the PPL skill test takes around 90 minutes depending on the number of attempts required for the particular items.

However an Flight Examiner will plan at least minimum of 3 hours for the skill test in total in order to comply with GM1 FCL.1015(b). Flight Examiner will also use guide for the conduct of the skill test without additional activities specified in point FCL.1015(b) the duration of the flight including the navigation section should be around 90 minutes.

Additional time includes preflight briefing and preparation, conduct of the PPL skill test, de-briefing, evaluation of the applicant and documentation.