Pass criteria ✅ of the EASA EIR skill test

The Exam candidate shal during en-route instrument rating demonstrate the ability to:

  • operate the aircraft within its limitations;
  • complete all manoeuvres with smoothness and accuracy;
  • exercise good judgment and airmanship; apply aeronautical knowledge; and
  • maintain control of the aircraft at all times in such a manner that the successful outcome of a procedure or manoeuvre is never seriously in doubt.

The following limits should apply, corrected to make allowance for turbulent conditions, and the handling qualities and performance of the aeroplane used:

  • Height: Generally ±100 feet
  • Tracking on radio aids: ±10°
  • Heading: all engines operating ±10° with simulated engine failure ±15°
  • Speed: all engines operating +10 knots/–5 knots with simulated engine failure +15 knots/–5 knots