This service might be interesting for private individual seeking for the freelance FIE(A) examiner for revalidation of his CRI by attending the assessment of competence of class rating instructor.

 ⚠️ What is CRI revalidation ✈️

CRI AoC or CRI assessment of competence is the checkride - with an Flight Instructor Examiner - FIE for purpose of revallidation of Multi Engine CRI certificate for next 36 months. The aim of the checkride is to assess the competence of the CRI holder to provide the flight training towards specific class of single-engine or multi-engine aeroplane. 

In accordance with GM1 FCL.905.FI(h)/2) the FSTDs should not be used to pass an assessment of competence on the class or type of aircraft. So the CRI AoC can only be done in aeroplane representing the respective class rating. Revalidation of the CRI can be done only within the validity period of class rating instructor certificate. Once expired, the CRI renewal procedure shall be followed.

It is also important to mention that the CRI revalidation is applicable only for a license holders with endorsed CRI certificate. For holders of Flight Instructor FI(A) certificate with multi-engine privileges it is necessary to follow the FI(A) revalidation procedure.

Revalidation of the CRI ✅ in general

Revalidation of the class rating instructor - CRI is subject to FCL.940.CRI. That means - to revalidate CRI certificate, within the validity period of the CRI certificate, at least two out of the following three requirements:

  • provide minimum 10 hours of flight instruction as a Class Rating Instructor. If CRI privileges on both single-engine and multi-engine aeroplanes, those hours of flight instruction shall be equally divided between single-engine and multi-engine aeroplanes;

  • complete a refresher training as a class rating instructor in flight school (ATO);

  • pass the assessment of competence in accordance with FCL.935 for multi-engine or single-engine aeroplanes, as relevant.

At least every second (alternate) revalidation of the classrating instructor certificate shall be done by attending the assessment of competence. 

CRI Refresher training 

The refresher training required for purpose of CRI renewal and CRI revalidation is described in AMC1 FCL.940.CRI.

FCL.940.CRI(a)(2) requires that an applicant for revalidation of the CRI certificate that has not completed a minimum amount of instruction hours (established in FCL.940.CRI(a)(1)) during the validity period of the CRI certificate shall undertake refresher CRI training at an ATO or competent authority for the revalidation of the certificate. The amount of CRI refresher training needed should be determined on a case by case basis by the flight school - ATO or competent authority, taking into account the following factors:

  • the experience of the CRI holder;
  • whether the training is for revalidation or renewal;
  • the amount of time elapsed since the last time the applicant has conducted training, in the case of revalidation, or since the certificate has lapsed, in the case of renewal. The amount of training needed to reach the desired level of competence should increase with the time elapsed.

Once the flight school - ATO or competent authority has determined the needs of the applicant, it should develop an individual training programme that should be based on the CRI training course and focus on the aspects where the applicant has shown the greatest needs.

After successful completion of the CRI refresher training, as applicable, the ATO or competent authority, should, in accordance with point AMC1 FCL.940.CRI(b), issue the applicant with a training completion certificate or another document specified by the competent authority, which describes the evaluation of the factors listed in point AMC1 FCL.940.CRI(a)(1) (the experience of the applicant) and the training received, as well as a statement that the training was successfully completed. The training completion certificate should be presented to the Flight Instructor Examiner prior to the CRI assessment of competence. Upon successful completion of the refresher training, as applicable, the ATO should submit the training completion certificate, or the other document specified by the competent authority, to the competent authority.

Validity of Class Rating Instructor certificate 

Each instructor certificate issued in accordance with Part-FCL is valid for 36 months (three years). Revalidation of the Class Rating Instructor - CRI certificate regardless of the revalidation method extends the validity period for next 36 months (3 years). There is no need to wait for 3 months (90 days) period immediately preceeding the expiry date of cetificate. Unlike the class ratings or type ratings, all instructor certificates can be revalidated within 12 months preceeding their validity.

✅ CRI(A) validity example - normal pattern

CRI(A) certificate is valid until 31 JANUARY 2022 and the revalidation assessment of competence has been successfully passed at 01 March 2021.

  • New expiry date: 31 JANUARY 2025
  • Reason: Revalidation done within period 12 months preceding the expiry date

✅ CRI(A) validity example - shortened pattern

CRI(A) is valid until 31 JANUARY 2022 and the assessment of competence has been successfully passed at 01 December 2021.

  • New expiry date: 31 DECEMBER 2024
  • Reason: Revalidation done outside (ahead) period 12 months preceding the expiry date

✅ CRI(A) validity example - renewal required

CRI(A) is valid until 31 JANUARY 2022 and you have done your CRI(A) assessment of competence on 01 FEBRUARY 2022.

  • Your CAA will most likely reject your application and void the revalidation procedure if the experience has been one of the revalidation requirements
  • Reason: CRI(A) has expired and you need to attend renewal procedure provided by flight school (ATO)