Besides doing checkrides we are closely cooperating with EASA flight schools to support us with flight training required for pilots. 

 ⚠️ EASA flight school ✈️

EASA establishes two different types of flight school:

  • DTO - declared training organisation - generally for less complex trainings such as PPLSPL, single engine class ratings, etc
  • ATO - approved training organisation - for any kind of trainingsy

Both flight schools are under EASA approved in accordance with Part-ORA. All EASA examiner activities are closely related to the  EASA flight school. Literally, in most cases an Examiner has to have a flight school behind his back and other way around.

Training in Flight school

As a Flight Examiners we are closely cooperating with different EASA flight schools in order to bring you the most efficient solution for your needs. Professional EASA flight school called ProfiPilot Academy belongs to portfolio of the services provided by ProfiPilot company. ProfiPilot Academy is a flight school capable to provide wide range of the flight trainings including initial trainingsrenewal trainings, refresher trainings and many more.