EASA exams with flight examiner

An aviation examination flight performed with the EASA aviation examiner in order to initial obtainrevalidation or renewal of the aviation rating or certificate of instructor. The EASA aviation examination must by done only by the approved and delegated EASA light examiner.  EASA aviation examiner examines the compliance of procedures you performed on ground (flight planning, pre-flight briefing and de-briefing) and airborne maneuvers with the requirements of Regulation (EC) 1178/2011, Part-FCL for the specific competence or aviation rating.

You may find more information about the examination itself in the section EXAM. The part of the examination can be a an oral test, which can be required by the EASA examiner.

There are three different kinds of the aviation examinations:

EASA assessment of competence (AoC)

Assessment of competence - is an flight test with EASA flight examiner  in order to obtain, revalidate or renew any instructor certificate - CRI(A), FI(A), IRI(A), TRI(A)
Proficiency - performed at periodic renewal or restoration ratings in the class of airplane, airplane types and instrument rating - MEP (land), SEP (land), TMG, IR (A)

EASA license skill test (LST)

Skill test for initial obtain of rating - is an flight test with EASA flight examiner  in order to obtain the class rating (eg. SEP(land), MEP(land), TMG), instrument rating (eg IR(A)/SE(SPA) or IR(A)/ME(SPA)), type rating (eg. Cessna C525)  or pilot´s license (eg. LAPL(A), PPL(A) or CPL(A)

EASA license proficiency check (LPC)

Proficiency check for renewal of rating or certificate means the administrative procedure, which after the expiry of the class ratingtype ratinginstrument rating or instructor´s certificate renewing the privileges of the rating or certificate for a further specified period of time. The renewal of an aviation rating or instructor´s certificate generally requires additional flight training provided by an approved training organization (ATO) - the EASA flight school

Proficiency check for revalidation of rating or certificate (e.g. A rating or certificate) means the administrative act performed during the period of validity of a rating or certificate which allows the holder to continue to exercise the privileges of the rating or certificate for a further specified period after fulfilling the requirements.

The examination of theoretical knowledge is usually done by the EASA flight school (in case of class ratings or type ratings) and for issue of pilot licenses is done by the competent Authority.