FI Restricted privileges ✅

Just after passing the initial flight instructor assessment of competence, the privileges held by the flight instructor FI(A) are limited in accordance FCL.910.FI to provide flight instruction under the supervision of a senior flight instructor FI(A).

The holder of a flight instructor FI(A) certificate is authorized to perform only the following flight training within the scope of his restricted privileges:

  • flight training to obtain - of a private pilot license - PPL(A) - FCL.910.FI(a)(1)
  • flight training to obtain - of a ligh airplanes pilot license - LAPL(A)  - FCL.910.FI(a)(1)
  • flight training within the an integrated flight training course of the airplane transport pilot license ATPL(A) up to the level of the private pilot license - PPL(A)  - FCL.910.FI(a)(2)
  • flight training to issue the class ratings for a single pilot single-engine airplanes - SEP(land) or TMG, etc  - FCL.910.FI(a)(3)
  • flight training to obtain the qualification for VFR night flights (if an instructor holds the qualification for VFR night flights)  - FCL.910.FI(a)(4)
  • flight training to obtain the qualification for towing banners and gliders (if an instructor holds the qualification for towing banners and gliders) -  FCL.910.FI(a)(4)
  • flight training for aerobatic flying (if an instructor holds the qualification for aerobatics)  - FCL.910.FI(a)(4)

Limitation in this case refers to the fact that the flight instructor - FI (A) limited by FCL.910.FI do not allow flight instructor to to authorise student pilots to conduct first solo flights and first solo cross-country flights. 

Restrictions in accordance with the FCL.910.FI may be removed based on the recommendation of an senior - supervising flight instructor once meeting following requirements:

  • 100 flight hours of flight training
  • supervised at least 25 solo flights of the students

Upon remove restrictions of the flight instructor FI(A) certificate in accordance with FCL.910.FI a holder of a flight instructor FI(A) certificate will be able to approve the student pilots for their first solo flight and first solo cross-country flight.