EASA proficiency check in Bratislava, Slovakia or Brno, Czech republic - cheap and easy access

Our home base for the flight examinations is the international airport Bratislava (LZIB/BTS), the capital of Slovak republic and Brno-Tuřany, Czech republic (LKTB/BRQ). Bratislava airport (LZIB / BTS) and Brno-Tuřany airport (LKTB / BRQ) is also the homebase of our partnership EASA flight school - approved training organization (ATO). There are all of the airplanes hangared in the Bratislava, Slovakia and Brno, Czech republic. Also the ones used for the flight examinations.

We do prefer the Bratislava Airport (LZIB / BTS)  and Brno Airport (LKTB/BRQ) mainly because of the possibility of 24/7/365 operations. The airport equipment is suitable for the instrument (IFR) departures, instrument approaches and precision approach (ILS, LOC-DME-NDB DME, VOR-DME, GNSS also with LPV). It is also connected to the network of airways system overhead Slovak republic and Czech republic.

The Bratislava airport and Brno airport is easy accessible by the Ryanair´s route network. Should you decide to fly with Ryanair or any other airline, it will be our pleasure to organize a transport from the Bratislava airport or Brno airport on our costs.

Of course, if you are interested, our flight examiner can arrive at your airport and the EASA proficiency checkEASA skill test or EASA assessment of competence can be done directly at your place using your aeroplane.