Based on the Regulation (Ec) 1178/2011 all of the Member States of the European union and some other countries (e.g. Switzerland, Iceland, ..) internationally recognized flight crew licenses of other EASA member states issued in accordance with EASA Part-FCL.

Due to different national procedures, particularly relating to the administrative procedures of EASA examinations was on 2 April 2014 introduced a document entitled as EASA Examiner Differences document. It contains all the requirements that are required by the specific Member States be fulfilled by the foreign EASA examiner to conduct the EASA checks on behalf of specific EASA Member state.

EASA Examiner Differences document thus replaces the requirement of Ec 1178/2011 to foreign EASA examiner attend a briefing provided by other EASA Member States on behalf of which the EASA test is supposed to be conducted.

Each EASA aviation examiner must become familiar with the procedures specified in EASA Examiner Differences document before performing EASA examFor an applicant whose flight crew license is issued, by the different EASA Member state than the one supervises the EASA aviation examiner.

EASA examiner differences document is amended published at EASA website.