Business-to-business (B2B) cooperation with flight examiner

We do provide our services also on business-to-business basis Europe-wide. The B2B offer is focused for wide pool of the operators including flight schools, private operators or commercial operators.

Our professional quality is proved by the hundreds of exams conducted over several last years and by the continuous education system of flight examiners.

Commercial satisfaction is guaranteed by the continuous cooperation with several companies all around the Europe, including the flight schoolsprivate operatorscommercial operators, etc.

Our capacities are also available for other airline operators , airlines and aircraft owners by mutual agreement. The airplane ownerairplane operators or airlines has the opportunity to have an their pilots tested on their own aircrafts which brings a saving a lot of additional expenses.

One of the benefits we offer under the cooperation on B2B basis is the document called Examiner operations notes. On an irregular basis we publish the most common mistakes of tested pilots during the license skill testslicense proficiency checks and assesments of competence. One of the purposes of the document is the proposal to modify the flight training procedures or internal flight school procedures within the flight school, or within the airplane operator.

Flight schools - Approved training organization

Co-operation of the flight school - approved training organization and the flight examiner is very essential. Completion of almost all  flight trainings and subsequent obtaining of qualifications or flight crew license is subject of the successful completion of license skill test - LST or Assesment of competence - AoC . In accordance with Regulation 1178/2011 (FCL.1005 (a) (2)), the flight examiner can not perform a the license skill test if he was anyhow responsible for candidate's recommendation for such license skill test - LST. Respecting this requirements, precludes to conduct the license skill test to any flight examiner who is also an flight instructor or any other member of management at that approved training organization (eg the Training ManagerHead of training, etc).

For this reason, it is necessary for an flight examiner to be independent (to be from outside of the flight school) to carry out the license skill test - LST. For flight schools - approved training organizations, we offer the services of our flight examiners directly at the operation site of your flight schools.

Our flight examiners are authorized to operate as pilot-in-command on most of the general aviation training aircrafts used for  within the European Region.

Part of the co-operation is to assess the practical and theoretical level of the proficiency of the candidates and to provide the feedback in order to increase the quality of the flight training provided by the flight school.

Private operators and Aeroclubs

In case you are a happy aircraft owner or a member of the Aeroclub, you shall undertake the license proficiency check - LPC at least once in 12 or, respectively, 24 months. This license proficiency check - LPC may be conducted by our flight examiner directly at your operating site on your own aircraft.

Private companies and corporate pilots

If you are a business company owns and operates the aircraft for your own purposes, it is necessary your pilots to undergo an annual flight crew testing (license proficinency check - LPC) with an flight examiner. We can come to your operation-site and conduct the annual flight crew testing - license proficiency check - LPC directly on your own aircraft.

Commercial carriers (AOC operators)

Pilots and flight crew operating any commercial air transport involved aircraft (AOC holders) are subject to several tests throughout the year. Typically, these are at least 2 examinations per year:

  • operator proficiency check OPC (every 6 months)
  • license proficiency check LPC (every 12 months)

For airlines and commercial operators (AOC holders), we provide a operator proficiency check - OPC and a license proficiency check - LPC on aircraft as well as flight simulators (FFS/FTD), primarily for the following types and classes of aircraft:

  • Cessna C525 Citation series (C525/IR)
  • Multi engine piston - land (MEP - land/IR)

To ensure the need for recent practice - 3 landings over the past 90 days, we provide aero-instructor and air examiner services on the aircraft as well as a flight simulator.

Flight examiner or type rating instructor  services are also provided to applicants for initial application for type rating after completing the license skill test on the simulator. Upon completion of the simulator training and subsequent license skill test on the simulator, it is necessary for the applicant to complete 6 take-offs and landings on a real aircraft. We provide this service in cooperation with Air Operators (AOC) and Flight schools (ATO).

B2B cooperation principles

B2B basis cooperation of the flight crew examination, its terms and conditions is generally based upon an internal agreement between the flight examiner and the airplane operator, respectively the flight school.

Our flight examiners are flexible and, if necessary, can quickly respond to your requirements. Cooperation is usually accomplished by proceeding the flight examiner to a exam-site either by car or by airline.

We plan to review aviation personnel to:

  • time and operational efficiency
  • economic efficiency and the possibility of sharing, respectively. cost minimization.

The exam fee is negotiated and agreed individually with you as a client and depends primarily on the type of the flight examiner services being provided, the region, and the amount of flight examiner services to be performed.

In general, there are two common ways of the exam fee agreement:

  • on a flat-rate basis (daily fee) regardless of the actual number of examinations carried out per day, or
  • on the basis per 1 exam conducted.