B2B cooperation with Flight examiner ✈️

In Flight Examiner we have strong passion in aviation. Milan, our Senior Examiner is flying since his 14 years and he still loves it. That's why we do provide Flight Examiner services on B2B basis Europe-wide. The B2B Flight Examiner services are focused for all operators mainly from the general aviation. We are cooperating with several flight schools and supporting their activities.

Our professional qualities are proved by providing the hundreds of exams conducted over several last years and by the continuous education system of flight examiners. Commercial satisfaction is guaranteed by the continuous cooperation with several companies all around the Europe, including the flight schoolsprivate operatorscommercial operators, etc.

One of the many benefits we offer under the B2B Flight Examiner concept basis is participation on continuous growth of your organization thru the comprehensive feedback system. We are also issuing the document called Examiner operations notes. On an irregular basis we publish the most common mistakes of tested pilots during the skill testsproficiency checks and assesments of competence. One of the purposes of the document is the proposal to modify the flight training procedures or internal flight school procedures within the flight school, or within the airplane operator.

B2B Flight Examiner concept

B2B Flight Examiner concept s generally based on individual needs and agreement between the Flight examiner and the flight school or operator.

In Flight examiner, we are flexible and, if necessary, we can quickly respond to your needs and address possible issues. Cooperation is usually accomplished by proceeding the flight examiner to a exam-site either by car or by airline.

Your benefit is based on:

  • time and operational efficiency
  • economic efficiency

The exam fee is negotiated and agreed individually with you as a client and depends primarily on the type of the flight examiner services being provided, the region, and the amount of flight examiner services to be performed.