This service might be interesting for private individual seeking for the freelance IRE(A) examiner for revalidation of his EASA competency based instrument rating by attending the license proficiency check.

 ⚠️ What is CB IR revalidation ✈️

Competency based instrument rating revalidation is the procedure to be followed to keep your instrument rating valid.  It is very important to understand, that competency based instrument training is only the means of the training itself. It is the path or another way to obtain an EASA instrument rating.

However after attending competency based instrument training in flight school (ATO) and by attending skill test with EASA examiner, you legally become a holder of full EASA instrument rating.

So the final product of competency based instrument rating is the same like you would attend modular instrument rating. Due to that reason, the procedure to be followed in order to revalidate instrument rating is the same like the one during IR prof check.

In fact to find out more information about competency based instrument rating revalidation, you have to refer to EASA Instrument rating revalidation section.