Revalidation of the Instrument rating instructor - IRI(A)

Revalidation of the instrument rating instructor IRI(A) certificate applies where the instrument rating instructor IRI(A) certificate is still valid - thus is not expired.

Revalidation of the instrument rating instructor IRI(A) is subject to the provision FCL.940.FI Part-FCL, Regulation 1178/2011.

In order to revalidate the instrument rating instructor IRI(A) certificate, the holder of instrument rating instructor IRI(A) certificate shall during the 12 months preceding the expiry date of the instrument rating instructor IRI(A) certificate meet at least two out of the three of the following requirements:

  • during last validity period, i.e. during the last 36 months to provide at least of the 50 hours of the flight instruction as an instructor, i.e. as FI(A), TRI(A), CRI(A), IRI(A), MI or as an examiner FE(A), CRE(A), IRE(A), FIE(A) and TRE(A).
    • at least 10 flight hours must be provided as a instrument rating instructor IRI(A) or any training IFR flights (i.e. as type rating instructor - TRI(A)).
  • during the validity period of the instrument rating instructor IRI(A) certificate to undertake instructor refresher seminar provided by the flight school approved training organization - ATO;
  • within the 12 months preceding the expiry date of the instrument rating instructor IRI(A) certificate has successfully completed the instructor assessment of competence in accordance with Article FCL.935 Regulation 1178/2011.

At least every second revalidation of the instrument rating instructor IRI(A) certificate shall be done as the assessment of competence. So the holder of the instrument rating instructor IRI(A) certificate shall pass the instructor assessment of competence in accordance with Article FCL.935 for multi-engine airplane or single-engine airplane  in accordance with the IFR flight training procedures.

What is an instructor assessment of competence?

Except for the multi-crew cooperation instructor (MCCI), the synthetic training instructor (STI), the mountain rating instructor (MI) and the flight test instructor (FTI), an applicant for an instructor certificate shall pass an assessment of competence in the appropriate aircraft category to demonstrate to an flight instructor examiner - FIE(A) qualified in accordance with Subpart K the ability to instruct a student pilot to the level required for the issue of the relevant license, rating or certificate.

All instructors shall be trained to achieve the following competences:

  • prepare resources, development of the materials,
  • create a climate conducive to learning,
  • present knowledge and curriculum,
  • integrate Threat and Error Management (TEM) and crew resource management,
  • manage time to achieve training objectives,
  • facilitate learning,
  • assess trainee performance,
  • monitor and review progress,
  • evaluate training sessions,
  • report outcome

Instructor assessment of competence include:

  • the demonstration of the competencies described in FCL.920, during pre-flight, post-flight and theoretical knowledge instruction;
  • oral theoretical examinations on the ground, pre-flight and post-flight briefings and in-flight demonstrations in the appropriate aircraft class, type or FSTD;
  • exercises adequate to evaluate the instructor’s competencies.

The assessment shall be performed on the same class or type of aircraft or FSTD used for the flight instruction.
(When an assessment of competence is required for revalidation of an instructor certificate, an applicant who fails to achieve a pass in the assessment before the expiry date of an instructor certificate shall not exercise the privileges of that certificate until the assessment has successfully been completed.

How long is the instructor certificate valid?

Each instructor certificate issued in accordance with Part-FCL is valid for 36 months (three years). Revalidation of the the instrument rating instructor - IRI(A) certificate is done for the next 36 months (3 years).

Example: If the instrument rating instructor - IRI(A) certificate is valid until 01/31/2015 and assessment of competence of instructor or administrative extension of the certificate is done on 01/11/2014, in the case of successful examination instructor certificate will be revalidated until 31.01.2018.