This service might be interesting for a pilot, private operatoraircraft owner or even flight school seeking the freelance examiner for SEP(Land) license proficiency check to revalidate the SEP class rating.

 ⚠️ What is TMG proficiency check ✈️

Touring motor gliders proficiency check, LPC, also known as prof check or license proficiency check is the checkride - with an EASA examiner for re-validation of your current TMG class rating for next period of validity. Successfully passed EASA TMG LPC is the requirement for flying in touring motor gliders as pilot-in-command beyond the current expiry date endorsed in your certificate of revalidation. The revalidation of TMG applies only within the validity period of the respective class rating.

TMG class rating serves as alternate for the revalidation by experience. If you as a pilot have recent experience in flying TMG aeroplane within the period of validity - required by FCL.740.A(b)(1)(ii), you are exempted from flying the TMG proficiency check.

EASA TMG prof check in general

An EASA TMG prof check for revalidation of the touring motor gliders class rating is subject of paragraph FCL.740.A(b)(1). The proficiency check has to be done by either class rating examiner CRE TMG or by Flight Examiner - FE(A) with SEP(land) privileges. Even though it is always vital, the TMG LPC can be done without any prior training or refresh flight. The revalidation LPC can also be done outside of the EASA flight school. So even the privately owned aircraft can be used for the purpose of TMG revalidation proficiency check.


Scope of ✈️ TMG proficiency check

EASA proficiency check TMG for revalidation of class rating for touring motor gliders is subject to the paragraph FCL.740.A(b)(1). The scope of the checkride with examiner is described in Appendix 9 of Part-FCL, Regulation (EC) 1178/2011.

TMG holder has to demonstrate ability to perform maneuvers, procedures on that particular variant of touring motor gliders with competency appropriate to the privileges granted as an pilot in command (PIC) to the flight examiner - FE(A), or to the class rating examiner - CRE TMG.

The duration of entire TMG license proficiency check takes approximately 1 hour in total. The flight with the EASA flight examiner takes approximately 30-45 minutes of the block time. The rest of the time is used for the preparation of the check flight (briefing, debriefing and any oral theoretical knowledge examination).

The TMG LPC includes following items:

  • general handling of the aeroplane (normal procedures)
  • general handling of the aeroplane (abnormal and emergency procedures)

Pass criteria ✅ of EASA TMG prof check

Conditions for pass of the  TMG LPC are the same as for any other EASA class rating proficiency check for single pilot aeroplane.

EASA TMG proficiency check is split into different sections representing the different phases of flight.

Cross-credit of single-engine class ratings

If hold in addition to your SEP(land) class rating also TMG - touring motor-gliders class rating, you can revalidate both class ratings at the same time. After sucessfull completion of the EASA SEP(land) proficiency check, TMG class rating can also be revalidated at the same time.

In accordance with  FCL.740.A(b)(2) if you hold both a single-engine piston aeroplane-land class rating and a TMG class rating, they may complete the requirements of revalidation in either class or a combination thereof, and achieve revalidation of both ratings. In other words, this means that if you have both class ratings - SEP(land) and TMG endorsed in your license, it is sufficient to pass an EASA license proficiency check (LPC) on only one class and the other one will be revalidated at the same time. This does not apply for the single-engine turbo prop aeroplanes. For revalidation of single-engine turboprop class ratings applicants shall pass a proficiency check on the relevant class in accordance with Appendix 9.

Validity of TMG class rating

Validity of the EASA single-engine piston TMG class rating in accordance with FCL.740(a) is 24 months (2 years). The validity period starts by the day of the EASA TMG prof check and ends up by the last day of the month plus 24 months. If the TMG LPC has been failed, the TMG class rating privileges becoming suspended and you will not be able to exercise of TMG class rating privileges iaw FCL.740.A(c). The validity of the TMG class rating can be again revalidated 90 days (3 months) prior expiry date with keeping current expiry pattern - FCL.740.A(b)(1)(i).

✅ TMG validity example - normal pattern

Class rating  TMG is valid until 31 JULY 2022 and the EASA TMG prof check has been successfully passed at 25 MAY 2022.

  • New expiry date: 31 JULY 2024
  • Reason: Revalidation done within period 90 days preceding the expiry date

✅ TMG validity example - shortened pattern

Class rating  TMG is valid until 31 JULY 2022 and the EASA TMG prof check has been successfully passed at 28. April 2022.

  • New expiry date: 30 APRIL 2024
  • Reason: Revalidation done outside (ahead) period 90 days preceding the expiry date

✅ TMG validity example - renewal required

Class rating  TMG is valid until 31 JULY 2022 and you have done your EASA TMG prof check 01 AUGUST 2022.

  • Your CAA will most likely reject your application and void the prof check
  • Reason: SEP(land) class rating has expired and you need to attend renewal procedure provided by flight school