Pass criteria ✅ of PPL skill test

Conditions for pass of the  PPL(A) skill test are described in FCL.125(c). The PPL Exam candidate has to demonstrate the ability to:

  • operate the aeroplane within its limitations;
  • complete all manoeuvres with smoothness and accuracy;
  • exercise good judgment and airmanship;
  • apply aeronautical knowledge;
  • maintain control of the aeroplane at all times in such a manner that the successful outcome of a procedure or manoeuvre is never seriously in doubt.

The following limits are for general guidance. The Flight Examiner should make allowance for turbulent conditions and the handling qualities and performance of the aeroplane used:

  • height:
    • normal flight ± 150 ft
    • with simulated engine failure ± 200 ft (if ME aeroplane is used)
  • heading or tracking of radio aids:
    • normal flight ± 10°
    • with simulated engine failure ± 15° (if ME aeroplane is used)
  • speed:
    • take-off and approach +15/–5 knots
    • all other flight regimes ± 15 knots