EASA Flight examiner

 As an EASA Flight Examiner we are providing the wide range of services within our examiner privileges. Generally speaking we are capable to cover all general aviation operation and comply with your request. Being an Flight Examiner and Class Rating Examiner, the basic services we are providing to our clients are:

  • Initial obtain of PPL(A) with SEP(land)
  • Initial obtain of LAPL(A) with SEP(land)
  • Initial obtain of CPL(A)

In addition as a Class Rating Examiner we are providing mainly:

  • skill tests, revalidation and renewal of SEP(land)
  • skill tests, revalidation and renewal of MEP(land)
  • skill tests, revalidation and renewal of TMG

As a Instrument Rating Examiner we are providing all skill tests towards the Instrument rating including En Route Instrument RatingCompetency Based IRBasic Instrument Rating and many more. Within our Flight Instructor Examiner we are providing the assessments of competence for all ranges of instructor certificates - FI, CRI, IRI and all of the instructor extensions.

Get trained by Flight Examiner

All Flight Examiner have to carefully consider the combination of flight training and subsequent flight exam. Maximum of 25% of flight training can be provided by Flight Examiner who will later conduct the skill test or assessment of competence on candidate.

However there are several flight trainings - especially refresher trainings which can be provided by Flight Examiner. So we are ready to comply also with your flight training requests. If there is something we are not capable to provide you with, than the partnership flight school is usually involved into the process. By doing so we will address your needs and comply your requests in most efficient way.