This service might be interesting for you if you are looking for refresher training required for revalidation or renewal of your ratings and certificates. We are happy to provide you with the competency based training.

 ⚠️ EASA training ✈️

Paragraph FCL.1005(a) prohibits the flight examiner to conduct skill tests or assessments of competence of applicants for the issue of a licence, rating or instructor's certificate to whom they have provided more than 25 % of the required flight training for the licence, rating or certificate for which the skill test or assessment of competence is being taken.

However this applies for the flight training taken in the flight school (ATO or DTO) for initial obtain of such flight crew license, rating or instructor's certificate. There is variety of the flight training that is required and can be provided by flight examiner without getting into the conflict with vested interests.

This mainly applies for:

  • refresher flight for SEP(land) revalidation by experience
  • LAPL(A) refresher training
  • EIR refresher training
  • Differences training and familiarization
  • etc

Since FCL.1005(a) strictly says about skill test and assessment of competence, the renewal training towards the rating renewal proficiency check can also be provided by flight examiner. However this needs to be done in cooperation with flight school.

Enjoy the experience and fly relaxed flight training and first-hand experience with top-end industry standard directly by Senior Flight examiner.